“Discovering Chatkal: Unveiling Nature’s Hidden Treasures Expedition”

Seize the Adventure! Join our Expedition to Uncharted Wonders this Summer 2024 in June. Reserve Your Spot Now and Make Memories that Last a Lifetime!

Immerse yourself in the soul-stirring beauty of Chatkal, Kyrgyzstan, where nature reveals its breathtaking treasures amid the majestic mountains and pristine landscapes. Explore the untamed allure of this enchanting region, where every vista tells a story and every step unveils a new chapter in the rich tapestry of Kyrgyzstan’s natural wonders.

Experience the untouched beauty and breathtaking views of this pristine location! Join us in June 2024, as Kyrgyz Tourism Company invites you on a 5-day expedition to explore the wonders of this incredible destination. Don’t miss out on the adventure of a lifetime – reserve your spot now and make memories that will last a lifetime!”

Duration: 5 days

Season: June

Tour: Expedition, trekking 

Accommodations: 2 nights in the guesthouse and 2 nights in camping tent

Group size:  10 maximum

Requirements: sleeping bags, warm clothes, rain jackets,   

photos by Nursultan Attokurov


Journey from Bishkek to Talas, where you’ll arrive in the town. Opt for an optional visit to Manas Ordo and enjoy an overnight stay in a guesthouse with a delightful dinner

“We start the day with an early breakfast at 6:00 and plan to leave Talas by 7:00 to reach our designated parking spot on time. We have a journey of over 150 km ahead, passing through the Kara-Buura Pass and the Chatkal Gorge. Upon arrival at the parking area after lunch, we gather our hiking gear, kitchen equipment, and provisions before embarking on a trek to the riverbank, our chosen camping site. Setting up camp, we spend the rest of the day exploring the scenic Dubana mountain lake. We dine in the wilderness, savoring the natural surroundings, and spend the night in cozy tents.”

Fuel up with breakfast as we set our sights on the captivating Lake Eshenkul. With only essential camping gear and provisions, our journey promises exploration and immersion in the stunning surroundings. By lunchtime, we’ll reach the lake, granting us ample time to witness the splendor of the most beautiful waterfall, and delve into the enchanting landscape of Lake Eshenkul. This day offers the luxury of unhurried exploration, allowing us to capture the mesmerizing sunset and sunrise over the lake during an unforgettable overnight stay. Weather permitting, expect vivid impressions and the opportunity to capture a myriad of stunning photographs. Landscape photographers, be prepared for a day full of work and ensure ample space on your camera storage drives. Welcome to a night of tent camping, surrounded by the wonders of Lake Eshenkul.

Following a delightful breakfast and a serene morning sunrise, we’ll make our way back to our initial camping site. There, we’ll regroup before heading back to the car, concluding our expedition to transfer to Talas. Upon arrival, we’ll enjoy accommodation in a welcoming guesthouse with the added luxury of a bathhouse, promising a rejuvenating experience. Retreat to comfortable beds for a restful overnight stay, reflecting on the incredible adventures of our journey through Chatkal’s treasures.

On this day, we bid farewell to the enchanting landscapes of Chatkal and commence our journey back to Bishkek. Anticipate arriving in the vibrant city by late lunchtime, marking the conclusion of our unforgettable expeditions. As we reflect on the memories and experiences shared, we close this chapter of exploration with a sense of accomplishment and the knowledge that the treasures of Chatkal will linger in our hearts.

“Discovering Chatkal: Unveiling Nature’s Hidden Treasures Expedition”

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Jun 18, 2024 - Tue

Jun 22, 2024 - Sat


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