Native Kyrgyzstan

Travel Kyrgyzstan for FREE for 12 DAYS!

Experience 100% cultural immersion in the breathtaking homeland of nomads.

Dear friends, we would like to invite you on a fascinating journey to Kyrgyzstan!

Over a period of 12 days, you will experience the real Kyrgyzstan, live with and like the locals, and gain extraordinary memories and connections that will last a lifetime.

At Kyrgyz Tourism, we believe that Kyrgyzstan is a wonderful jewel with a rich culture that is just waiting to be discovered, and we are trying to find new ways to help share our country and culture with the world.

We believe that you can help us in this mission!

We are looking for three male-female of visitors from different countries to come and experience the kindness and hospitality of the Kyrgyz people, the richness of our country’s history and culture, and the beauty of the Kyrgyz landscape.

The 12-day tour itself will be free of charge (flights not included), all that we ask is that you help us to share our beautiful country with the world!

While here, you will learn to live like a local and engage in a friendly competition with the other pairs on the tour to see which team is best at picking up Kyrgyz culture.

As Kyrgyzstan is a pastoral country, many of the activities and sights on the tour will revolve around animal husbandry and the role it plays in the local traditions and culture.

If you are interested in being selected, please fill in the form below. We will review all applications and contact you with our decisions.


Arrival in Bishkek. Hotel check-in. Briefing session. Welcome dinner.
– Discussion of day by day detailed program
– Focus on highlights
– Need to know issues
– Discussion
– Question & Answer session

After breakfast, we will drive to Kochkor village (200 km, 3 hours drive), visiting the Burana Tower architectural complex (10-11th centuries, the Great Silk Road) 15km off the main road, along the way. Afternoon helping the hosts slaughtering sheep and making preparations for your welcome as honored guests along with the elders of the village for dinner.

Welcome as honored guests

Sheep slaughtering
Boorsok cooking
Setting the table
Ustukan (meat serving)
Getting a blessing

Early morning 5.a.m. wakeup to attend the Mal Bazar or animal market, and attempt to buy a sheep for under the provided budget. Breakfast and transfer to the Kyzart Pass. Meet with your guides and start your 2-day horseback riding tour of the famous Son-Kol Lake. The horse riding tour starts by crossing the Kyzyl-Kiya Jailoo and Chaar-Archa Pass (3 061 m) into the valley. Have lunch. See the views of the river and 4400 m Baba-Ata Mountain. Horse ride to the Kilemche Jailoo. Name of the area called “as a carpet”. Dinner and overnight stay in a yurt. Time on horseback is 5 hours

Purchase of sheep at the Mal Bazaar
Start of the 2-day horse trek
Sleep in a shepherd’s yurt


Breakfast at Kilemche. Start horseback riding to the Jalgyz-Karagai pass (3400 m) over the Song-Kol Mountains and into the lake’s basin. See the beautiful scenery of Son-Kol Lake.  After lunch at Jaman Echki, riding to the Batai-Aral Area. Dinner and overnight stay in a yurt. Time on horseback is 5 hours

Find your sheep in a sheep flock
Day 2 of the horse trek
Ride over a high pass and down toward Son Kol lake

Morning transfer to the southern shore of Issyk-Kul Lake.  Stop on the way to Kyzyl-Tuu village to see how to make a yurt, the traditional dwelling of the Kyrgyz nomads. Lunch. Afternoon eagle hunting demonstration. Arrive at the yurt camp on the lakeshore. Folklore dinner followed by traditional boys vs. girls Sarmerden competition together with locals and guides.

Learn how to make a yurt
Experience Eagle Hunting
Participate in a boys-vs-girls Sarmerden Contest
(featuring song, proverbs, dance, tongue-twisters)

Depart for Karakol after breakfast, stopping along the way to see the fairytale Skazka Canyons and to visit Jeti-Oguz gorge for 2-3 hours to see the Seven Bulls rock formations and visit the Kök-Jaik area. Picnic lunch in the wild. Short city tour upon arrival in Karakol to see the Chinese pagoda-style Dungan Mosque and the wooden nail-free Russian Orthodox Church. Overnight stay in a guesthouse.

Visit the south shore of Issyk Kyl including the Skazka Canyons, Jeti Oguz Rock Formations and Kok-Jaik area

Today you will participate in a cultural food exchange with your hosts and fellow travelers. After breakfast, we will head to the local bazaar for some shopping in preparation for this exchange. For lunch, you will help your hosts cook traditional Kyrgyz food, but for dinner, you will be responsible for teaching the others how to make a national dish from your home country. Each team/pair will be allotted a budget with which they can purchase the necessary ingredients from the bazaar in the morning. Remember, not everything from home may be available in Kyrgyzstan, so you may have to make some creative substitutions!

Learn to cook Kyrgyz national foods and teach your hosts how to cook your traditional foods in return.

Day trek to Altyn-Arashan Hot Springs. Transfer from Karakol to Ak-Suu Village (30 minutes drive) after breakfast to begin your trek towards Altyn-Arashan (Golden Spa) Valley. You will have to ascend three small hills over the course of the hike. Trek time: around 5-6 hours. Picnic lunch on the way. Arrive in Arashan where it is possible to enjoy a soak in the water of the hot springs. Late afternoon return trek to Ak-Suu. Dungan cuisine dinner.

Day trek to Altyn-Arashan Hot Springs
Dungan Cuisine

After breakfast, transfer to Tamchy village via Cholpon-Ata town (4 hours). In Cholpon-Ata you will visit one of the biggest collections of petroglyphs and the Historical-ethnographical Museum.  Lunch at our guesthouse. Afternoon traditional handicraft-making workshop.

Create your own handicraft item

Morning transfer to the territory of Chong-Kemin National Park where you will enjoy the afternoon rafting on the Chong-Kemin river. Lunch, Dinner, and overnight stay at the guesthouse.

Rafting the Chong Kemin River

Early morning transfer to the biggest animal market in the country at Tokmok. Competition to see which pair can sell their sheep for the best price. Lunch. Arrival in Bishkek. Check-in to hotel. Farewell dinner. Contest results and award ceremony.

Sell your sheep for the best price

Competition. Final Award ceremony.

Transfer to airport for departure. End of the tour.

Native Kyrgyzstan

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Sep 12, 2021 - Sun


Free of charge


This is the first immersive tour for Kyrgyz Tourism. Following our mission and concept, we try to conduct experience-based tours.

This initiative was organized and conducted on the framework of the UNDP Aid for Trade project funded by the Government of Finland.

But hotel accommodations in Bishkek and your arrival air tickets are not covered

If you are interested in being selected, please fill in the form below. We will send a Form to fill it out with details. We will review all applications and contact you with our decisions.

Please feel free to contact us at or send us a message using WhatsApp should you have any further questions or concerns about the program or how to apply.

Competition events will take place throughout the tour to determine which of our guest pairs were best at picking up Kyrgyz life skills and becoming true Native Kyrgyz people during their visit.

After each event, participants will be awarded wooden coins colored in either gold, silver, or bronze based on their performance in that event, either as an individual or in their pair teams.
At the end of the tour, these coins will be collected and the results of the competition will be tabulated and announced.

Judges for the events will be recruited from local subject experts.

Coin counting, competition logistics, and awarding will be carried out by the Kyrgyz Tourism Team.

The winning pair will be awarded the “Kyrgyz Culture Expert” cup and the prize!

Yes, all photo and video materials would be used for the promotion of the tour product in the future. You need to sign the Release Form. Please see further the text of it.

Photo and Video Consent and Release Form:

I,                                                 , hereby give my consent to Kyrgyz Tourism and their associates, to photograph, film, and/or videotape and then use, reproduce, and publish for commercial purposes images and video taken of me during the 12-day Native Kyrgyz Tour. I recognize that these materials may be used in any manner Kyrgyz Tourism sees fit, with or without identification of the subjects.

I, the undersigned, have read, understood, and agree to all of the above.

Participant Signature: _______________________________                       Date:            ___________________________

We do not promote the imposition of our culture. We do not support the use of child labor, violent or sexually explicit scenes. We do not support cruelty towards animals and nature. The honor and dignity of all participants (guests and community) are above all.

If you do not like some contests you can skip them. But need to point out and give exact excuses.

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