Die Besteigung des Gipfels Palatka, 4.650 m.

Programm: 11 Tage;

Ort: Kirgisistan, Stadt Bischkek, Region Tschui, Region Yssykköl, Region Naryn;

Beste Zeit: Juni – September;

Aktivität: Trekking;

Schwierigkeitsgrad: Anspruchsvoll.


Early morning arrival to Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. Transfer to Karakol by north shore of Issyk-Kul Lake. Visiting the open-air Petroglyph Museum in Cholpon-Ata and Burana Tower on the route. After arrival in Karakol and a stop at the guest house, we will visit the famous sights of Karakol such as the Dungan Mosque, Russian Orthodox Church and local bazaar. In the evening we will have dinner and taste traditional Kyrgyz cuisine.

Transfer to the national park in Karakol Gorge and the beginning of our trek. Our starting point is at an altitude of 1900m. The vegetation in the gorge is very rich. Passing through the gorge to our first stop will take 2-3 hours. We will stop for lunch and then continue a couple of hours‘ walk to our designated campsite. The camp is located at an altitude of 3000m and the total length of the route for the first day is 14-15 km. In total, trekking time will be about 5-6 hours. Overnight in tents. (this day there are no passes)

After breakfast, we begin to climb in the direction of Lake Ala-Kol. On the way to the lake, there is a small waterfall. After 2-2.5 hours of ascent, we can already admire beautiful views of the lake. The lake itself is located at an altitude of 3530m. Since the lake is of glacial origin, it is very cold and without inhabitants. Depending on the weather and other factors, we can have lunch either at the lake before the pass or after the Ala-Kol Pass. Our goal for this day is the peak “40years VLKSM” which is located just in the right sight of the lake. The altitude of the peak is 4070m. But first, we should reach the top of the pass “Panorama” 3800m. From the top of the peak, in good weather, you can see 3 peaks higher than 5200m above sea level and also our next peak Palatka. After we will descend to the lake and go to the east part where begins the glacier of Ala-Kol lake. Overnight stay and dinner in tents.

Brunch after a hard day. On this day, we will pass along the northern side of the lake and cross the Takyr-Tor pass to the neighboring gorge with the same name. Lunch on the road. Camping, dinner (3500 m.). On this day we will have horse support and fresh fruits.

Trekking close to the foot of the pass “Khadija”. Relax day. On this day we will have only 5-6 km and possibly ride a horse. Lunch by arrival to the camp. Dinner and overnight in camp.

Ascent to Khatija pass, to the ABC transshipment camp. Compare to other days this day will be difficult and dangerous. The steep part of the route is around 400m. On the way, we will have a beautiful panorama of glaciers and rocks. (4200 m.) Setting up a camp, dinner.

Day of ascent to the peak Palatka. The long-awaited day of climbing to the top (4,650 m.) Climbing is a climb along a rocky-ice slope. Lunch on the road. After conquering the summit, descent to the camp at Khatija pass (4200 m.). Dinner. Overnight in tents.

For reserve, if we reach the pic, we stay in Altyn Arashan one more day.Reserve day for Issyk-Kul.

Long day. Descent to the Foot of the pass “Khadija” and short rest. After we walk a bit and take horses to Altyn-Arashan hot springs(OPTIONAL)OK (2,500 m.). After taking a hot bath. Free time and BBQ by dinner. overnight at the guest house.

By military Russian truck, we drive down to Karakol after breakfast. Afterward, we will visit the red rock formations of Jeti Oguz. The name means “seven bulls” and comes from the fact that the rocks look like seven bulls. On the approach to Jeti-Oguz we will also visit another rock formation that resembles a broken heart. Lunch in the guest house. Also, we will drive to the Skazka (Fairy Tale) Canyons. Its stunningly diverse sandstone formations are truly fabulous. Arrive in the yurt camp by the lakeshore.

On the way to Bishkek visiting Ak-Say canyons. By arrival accommodation in hotel. Farewell dinner.

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