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Biking in Kyrgyzstan – vast mountain ranges and windy roads want to be explored!

Do you know that Kyrgyzstan is the country with the most preserved nature in Central Asia? That there are high peaks up to 7 400m above sea level and the massive mountain range Tien-Shan? That there are vast forests abound with wild animals? Do you know that it hides among its secret gorges and mountain ranges lurched nomadic villages and mountainous crystal-clear lakes, that life there flows with its natural, traditional, calm rhythm, and people meet a stranger as a dear guest?

This is Kyrgyzstan.

Not the one with massive advertisements that tempt with all-inclusive hotel comfort at resorts. Not the one that runs through the crowded streets of the XXI century. This is another world.
Kyrgyzstan expects you to put a backpack on your back, ride a bicycle or a horse and explore its unexplored corners.
Old ruins from the era of the Great Silk Road, deep lakes and spacious views of the massive mountains, herds of free horses on the slopes, mineral springs and culture of the nomadic people – all this are on Kyrgyz land.
Choose a tour – walking, cycling or equestrian and find adventures with “Kyrgyz Tourism” – your travel agency for active recreation!

MTB tours are going to be very popular in Kyrgyzstan and for your attention we offer real, challenging mountain bike trail tours for advanced bike riders.

  • Itinerary: Bishkek – Kegety – Songkul – Baetova – Tashrabat – Chatyrkul – KelSuu – Aksay valley – Naryn – Tosor – Karakol – Tamchy – Chongkemin – Bishkek.
  • Duration: 13 days
  • Best Season: Mid June – September
  • Category: combined –auto/bike tour
  • Level of Difficulty: Difficult
  • Group Size: 4-12 pax
  • Highlights: Kegety, Songkul, Kelsuu, Tosor, Lake Kol-Konur. Yurt overnights, nomad’s land culture
  • Requirements: weatherproof warm clothes, trekking boots, hat, sunglasses, sleeping bag, and sunscreen.


In the Morning transfer from Bishkek to the gorge Kegeti. Here you will get the bikes ready and start the first day cycling up to the river Kegeti and head to the pass Kegeti. This first day you can cycle the mountain roads for about 20 km and pitch your tent before the pass Kegeti. Meals in the wild and overnight in tents. During the whole trip, you will be accompanied by an experienced guide and followed by an SUV.

Having breakfast at 8:00 am you will be spending the morning cycling up to the pass Kegeti. On top of the pass, an astonishing panoramic view opens up to another horizon: the Naryn region. Now it follows a ride down to the valley Dong-Alysh and to the Kochkor – Jumgal road. From there you will be transferred to the Kyzart pass. Overnight in a yurt camp, including meals.

Cycling distance about 60km

To reach the Song-Kul valley you will have to climb several passes today. First, you will have to cross the pass Chaar-Archa at 3000m altitude, being rewarded with a picnic lunch and rest waiting for you in the Kilemche yurt camp. After lunch keeps on cycling to the Song-Kol valley, following the road climbing the pass Tuz-Ashuu. Ascent to the shore of the clear, wide and famous Lake Song-Kol. Approaching it you will understand its Kyrgyz name, which means: Last Lake. Having reached the shore, you will dine and sleep in a yurt beside the freshwater lake.

Cycling distance about 50 km

After the breakfast – and if you are brave a short swim – you will encircle the lake Song-Kol and follow the road to Baetova town, crossing the pass Moldo Bel. The ascend will be recompensed by riding the serpentines down to the Ak-Talaa valley where you can process your thrill of speed. From there you will be transferred by car to the town of Baetova. Accommodation in the guest house, including meals.

Cycling distance about 60km

Cycling to Tash-Rabat will lead you through mountain hills and semidesert areas. You will spend the day cycling dusty mountain roads, watching the astonishing landscapes surrounding you. Arrival in Tash Rabat the late afternoon. Overnight in a yurt camp, including meals.

Cycling distance about 80km

It is time to explore another precious mountain Lake! The most beautiful and hidden lake Kel-Suu, guarded by sheer rock walls. In the morning you will be transferred by car to the Ak-Sai mountain valley where you will start your ride at 3000m altitude! Following the trail from Ak-Sai valley to the Kokshaal mountain range, you will be reaching Kel-Suu. The late afternoon you will descent the valley Kel-Suu and dine and sleep in a yurt.

Cycling distance about 70 km

Waking up in the mountain wilderness you will have an easy day. In the morning you can do a short distance horseback ride to the lake Kel-Suu, laying there like a green emerald. Going with horses is necessary to reach the lake as there is a river to be crossed. After lunch, you will be transferred to Naryn. On the way to Naryn you can be dropped on top of the Kyndy pass and cycle downhill for about 10 km. Arrival in Naryn in the evening. Accommodation in the guest house, including dinner.

Cycling distance about 10 km

After breakfast transfer by car into the gorge EkiNaryn. Here you start to bike along the gorge all the way to the valley Orto-Syrt. The late afternoon you will pitch tents near the river Balgart, as always surrounded by astonishing landscapes. Meals in the wild, overnight in tents.

Cycling distance about 70 km

After an early breakfast, you will be heading to the Tosor pass, following the old mountain road. You will be cycling as long as you can today. In the afternoon at the latest, we will pick up and transferred to the village Tamga where you will be accommodated in the guest house.

Cycling distance about 90 km

After breakfast transfer for Kyzykl-Suu gorge. Here you can ride following the single mountain road to Jeti-Oguz gorge. On the way, you need to cross one pass, as always rewarded by a proper downhill cycling right into the gorge Kok-Jaiyk. The late afternoon arrival in Karakol. Accommodation in the guest house, including dinner.

Cycling distance about 20 km

It is time to rest! Spend some time in Karakol until lunch. You can do a city tour, or visit AkSuu, the thermal bath with hot springs. In the afternoon transfer to Tamchy village, following the road beside the Yssuk-Kol lake through the town Cholpon-Ata. On the way, you will visit the Cholpon-Ata petroglyphs and swimming in the lake. Dinner and overnight stay in the Tamchy guest house

After breakfast transfer to the Kol-Tor pass by SUV cars. From the top of the pass starts a challenging day to the mountain’s lake Kol-Kongur. You will do parts of the trail without the following car, as the terrain is to heavy for it. You will ride into the mountains of the Ala-Too range and descent into the valley Chong-Kemin following the mountain road. The biking distance is 60 km and you can do it as far as you get, being picked up if necessary. The final destination is to get to the village Ashuu where you will be accommodated.

Cycling distance about 60 km

On the last day of this amazing ride through the Kyrgyz mountains, you will be transferred to  Bishkek by car. In the morning you will pack your bikes and leave for Bishkek. The road takes 1,5 hours driving. In Bishkek, there is a city tour available and you can visit some markets. In the evening there is a farewell dinner waiting in the restaurant. A good possibility to reflect on at least some of the many impressions of remote valleys, blooming flowers and lively cultures this bike ride will provide you with. Accommodation in your hotel.


The tours start upon request, please contact us. The itineraries can be adjusted individually to fit into your schedule and provide you with the best experience. Furthermore, we are happy to create tailor-made tours according to your wishes.

After having solved all the questions and programs confirming we issue an invoice for payment. You can make a bank transfer or pay upon your arrival time in Bishkek before the trip starts.

The price of the tour depends on the number of people and the season. According to the request and interest, we can negotiate the optimal price for your budget.

The altitude is high and you will cross several mountain passes and most of the days will be long day biking among the steep mountain single trails up. We recommend you train with sport or jogging 2-3 times a week in the run-up to your trip.

First of all, you need to bring your own mountain bike and tools as well. In case your bike will be broken during the tour you should have the necessary spare parts to repair it.

Clothing for temperatures from +25C to -0C.

A detailed kit list will be sent to you when you book on.

Overnights during the activity tours you will have overnight in tents but most of the overnights will be in the yurt camps and local homestays,

You can have a hot shower when you stay in the homestays and guest houses. The yurt camps around Song-Kul valley also can offer some shower facilities. But when camping stays and Kel-Suu area are not available to have a hot shower. If the group is big and has requested premium services in order to have a hot shower every day we can provide with mobile hot steam sauna and additional accompany staff for this.

The group will be escorted by car. All the luggage, mineral waters, and foods will be transported every day by car and generally all available mountain roads the car following you on the back. Just some single trails the cars will not able to follow you but they will be waiting for you at the head point where it is possible.

The basic hints for travelers.

  • During your travel time, please respect local culture, customs, traditions, and religion.
  • Try to buy local products and make a benefit for the local economy.
  • Always give fair prices for lodging, food and other services.
  • Take off your shoes, when entering home or yurt stay.
  • Smoking is prohibited at home.
  • Please share your ideas on food and accommodation preferences.
  • Ask people for photographing them.
  • Be friendly and try to get in contact.
  • Be careful during the evening and night time and aware of mass meetings.
  • Be careful with your documents, money and valuable items.
  • Be aware of pickpockets and strangers at bazaars and streets.
  • If someone asking for documents, wallets or cameras, saying that they are from the police, ask them to go police together.
  • Never give your belongings to strangers.
  • Wear good hiking shoes for outdoor activities.
  • Bring warm waterproof clothes even in summer.
  • Have your torch sunscreen and repellent.
  • Do not drink very cold water from unknown sources.
  • Drinking alcohol at high altitudes is unsafe.
  • If the food fat or not acceptable for you can taste a bit and say thanks.
  • Do not drink cold water after eating out, better hot tea or c It helps in high altitude digestions cases.
  • Wear warm clothes in the mountains, usually after eating out.
  • Bring your medicines and first aid kit.
  • If you feel unsafe or have issues to discuss, please share with your staff, host or tour manager.
  • Collect your litter. Pack up all non-biodegradable rubbish.
  • Please don’t drop cigarette butts or litter.
  • High altitude vegetation is very fragile. Save the environment.
  • Use toilets in nature wherever available. Where are none, stay at least 40-50 m from streams and water sources and bury all waste and paper.
  • Leaving footprints, take just your photographs.

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