Naryn town

Exploring the Area

Naryn town is the administrative center of the Naryn Region. The town is situated on the banks of the Naryn River (the main headwaters of the Syr Darya). Naryn is the main path of the Great Silk Road, today it connects China, via Torugart Pass. The population of the Naryn Region is 99% Kyrgyz.

Where to Stay

Hotels in Naryn now opened in several areas. The average level of quality similar to a good 2-star level. Guesthouses mostly at a block of the flats, apartment buildings, that sometimes can be inconvenient, but gives an opportunity for the experience of Soviet flats stays. Possible to find guesthouse at private homes with a garden and more space for the rest.

Eating and Drinking

In Naryn, there are cafes, where you can eat out with national and international cuisine foods. Possible to order food and use the kitchen for self-cooking.

What to See and Do

Naryn river is the main headwater of the Syr Darya River. Constant water flow sound gives another feeling and surroundings. In Naryn possible to see the local historical-ethnographical Museum, with interesting artifacts and samples of tradition and cultural heritage. There is a local Mosque made of blue mosaic, local Park with Statues for World War II heroes and Main Square. Ala-Myshyk Mount is the nearest high peak of the town with a strategic TV-radio and meteorology station that was opened in 1964.

Salkyn-Tor Nature Park keeps the area of 105 square kilometers and situated just 20 km east of Naryn town. Drink waters of Kurga spring, and explore Kozho-Unkur cave.

Destinations in Naryn region. 

The ancient settlement of Koshoi-Korgon dates from the 7th century is located 25 kilometers from the At-Bashy village in Naryn region. It says that that is the remains of the fortress stand along the Great Silk Road. Many centuries ago that was a citadel with 10 meters high clay walls with 50 towers, today it is ruined. The local historical museum collects the findings at the archeological side – household items, weapons, clothing.

Son-Kol Lake is the second largest lake in the country is located at an altitude of 3016 meters above sea level, 90 kilometers northwest of the city of Naryn. Alpine meadows are popular with the experience of nomadic life with local shepherds, stay in yurts, enjoy the view of growing edelweiss and smooth surface of the lake.

Ak-Sai valley the high mountain valley near the Chinese border. The most remote area with famous jaillos Arpa, Bosogo, Karga-Jailoo. The herders of yaks, real nomadic life and experience high mountains. Amazing lake of Kel-Suu located in that area. Try to have an opportunity to take a tour of the lake Kel-Suu. 

Eki-Naryn valley located 44 km from Naryn town. The altitude of the area is 2000 m asl. The area where two main streams of Naryn river merged. Mountains, pine tree forests, wild blackberry and beautiful scenery of wildlife.

How to Get Around.

From Bishkek to Naryn possible to catch a shared taxi or minibus from Western Bus Station.
The town is situated on the main path of the Great Silk Road. Today Naryn is connected with China by Torugart Pass. Possible to find a shared taxi or private taxi till the Arch at The Torugart Pass, where no man’s land started. From where Chinese Inviting agency will drive the Chinese trucks to follow the road to Kashgar.

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