AGRO-ETNO Festival

Date: 01 July, 2023

Place: Issyk-Kul region, South coast of Issyk-Kul Yurt camp “Zhaychy” near the village. Kok-Sai

Contact: Mr. Baatyrbek Akmatove, +996 553622962; +996 557556455

“A folk show, exhibition of domestic animals, woolen products, national dishes, and Kyrgyz national and equestrian games.”

This statement suggests that there is an event taking place that includes several different activities and attractions. The “folk show” likely includes performances of traditional music, dance, and other forms of cultural expression. The “exhibition of domestic animals” may showcase various animals that are common in Kyrgyz culture, such as horses, sheep, or yaks. The “woolen products” likely refers to clothing or other items made from wool, which is a common material in Kyrgyz culture.

The “national dishes” likely refers to traditional Kyrgyz cuisine, which includes dishes such as beshbarmak, lagman, and manti. Finally, the “Kyrgyz national and equestrian games” may include activities such as horse racing, Kok-boru (a game similar to polo), and wrestling.

Overall, this statement suggests that the event is focused on showcasing and celebrating various aspects of Kyrgyz culture, including food, music, animals, and traditional games.

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