Kyrgyzstan Bike tours

Create unforgettable memories with Bike tours in Kyrgyzstan

Did you know that Kyrgyzstan is the country with the best-preserved nature in Central Asia? There are high peaks up to 7,400 m above sea level and a massive Tien Shan mountain range. What kind of wild animals are there in their vast forests? Did you know that between its secret gorges and on mountain ranges lie nomadic villages and crystal-clear mountain lakes, that life there follows its natural, traditional, calm rhythm, and that people get to know a stranger as a dear guest?
This is Kyrgyzstan. Not the ones with massive advertising tempting all-inclusive hotel comforts in resorts. Not the one that leads through the crowded streets of the 21st century. This is a different world.
Kyrgyzstan expects you to put a backpack on your back, ride a bike or horse, and explore its unexplored corners.
Ancient ruins from the Great Silk Road era, deep lakes and sweeping views of towering mountains, herds of free horses on the slopes, mineral springs, and the culture of the nomadic people – all this can be found in the Kyrgyz countryside.
Choose a tour – hiking, cycling, horse riding – and experience adventure with “Kirgyz Tourism” – your travel agency for active recreation!

The MTB tour will be very popular in Kyrgyzstan and for your attention, we offer challenging mountain bike trail tours for advanced cyclists.

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