Jalal-Abad town

Exploring the Area

Jalal-Abad town is the capital of the Jalal Abad region. It is the third city in Kyrgyzstan, has more than 100.000 inhabitants and situated at an altitude of 766 meters asl. Jalal-Abad can be a good starting point for many tours to the historical, cultural and adventure places in the area.

Where to Stay

Today Jalal-Abad is a popular place to stay. More and more people want to visit and see the colorful multi-national town of “young people”. Popular sayings: “Jalal-Abad town is the town of youngsters”.

New opened doors of Kok-Art hotel will surprise you with the best service, fresh and new design and facilities.  Tien-Shan Hotel, Roza Park hotel also could welcome you. Small family-run guesthouses, cozy and hospitable with tasty meals and family surroundings. The popular movement of hostels also emerged Jalal-Abad, possibly to book and stay in hostels too.

What to See and Do

The town is very charming with shady streets, running waters in aryk and roaring bazaar. Possible to walk around the Toktogul Park – relaxing green park. The Kurort in Jalal-Abad is a historic building complex. You can feel the Soviet atmosphere of wellness by mineral water and mud bath, massage, and physiotherapy. Today this resort as many of the Soviet heritage kurorts under the public union administration.

Near the location here is the list of interesting places.

From Jalal-Abad possible to have adventure trips to famous and touristic Arslanbob.  As the best decision, we recommend you to visit the villages of Kyzyl-Unkur and Kara-Alma, both located at a massive natural walnut forest area, with the less touristic and crowded area.

Sary-Chelek is another jewel of the region with emerald lake and marvelous stunning nature and surroundings. That is the territory of the Biosphere and Nature Reserve. Get a chance to see that.

Saimaluu-Tash (Embroidered Stone)/Kazarman is the largest collection of petroglyphs in Central Asia.

Ozgon or Uzgen is an old town, dated from the middle ages with saved Uzgen Minaret and Mausoleum of the 12th century.

How to Get Around

To reach Jalal-Abad from Bishkek possible on a shared taxi from Western Bus station in Bishkek or near Osh Bazaar. It takes 570 km, about 10 hours driving.

Possible to catch a shared taxi from Osh town, Ozgon and Bazar-Korgon.

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