Exploring the Area

Arslanbob has a 6080 square meters of natural walnut forest territory. The age of some trees about 1000 years, the height of them more than 30 meters. At the autumn harvesting period people collect over one and a half thousand tons of walnuts.

Where to Stay

The number of guesthouses in Arslanbob and neighboring Gumkhana village can accommodate for bed and breakfast, the price is started from 8 to 20 USD, based on the level of the quality and service.

Old Arslanbob Turbaza can accommodate in a different price range and level of comfort.

What to See and Do

Have a chance to walk by the walnut forest passing by the shadow lines of trekking paths. See the Panoramic view of the village and forest.

The Small (35m) and Big (80m) Waterfall located at 2200 meters above the sea level. People believe that there is a sacral area and making pilgrimage asking luck and prosperity.

Sacral lake of Kol-Mazar and Babash-Ata mountain welcoming new visitors and pilgrims.

Our tours to visit Arslanbob and area are here. 

How to Get Around

Shared taxi possible to catch from Osh bazar taxi area. The price of Bishkek-Arslanbob transport for 1 seat and 1 person is minimum 1000 soms. The road takes 600 km, 10 hours driving.

Possible to get a taxi Bishkek-Osh or Bishkek-Jalal-Abad and drop at Bazar-Korgon town. From Bazar-Korgon catch a shared-taxi till Arslanbob village.

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