Exploring the Area

Kochkor is a village in Naryn region, the center of jailoo-tourism, gates to the summer pastures and nomadic life experience. Standing on the crossroad of the Great Silk Road from ancient times, today this area still keeps its significance.

Where to Stay

Kochkor has a number of the cozy family started guesthouses. The wide range of accommodation possibilities. Hostels, guesthouses, and B&B homestays start from 300 soms to 1500 soms per person. Kochkor has some hotels of the good 3-star level and open bookings.

Eating and Drinking

Being the regional center Kochkor gives an opportunity for eating out in local cafes. The tasty food of national and European cuisine. If you want to have a slow food with a local family, possible to make an order for the local guesthouse. Kochkor bazaar is popular with Kymyz (fermented mare’s milk) sales. Please be careful in tasting kymyz, this drink is not usual for the nutrition of most people.

What to See and Do

Son-Kol Lake located at the altitude of 3016 meters above sea level. The main must-see destination in Naryn region. You can enjoy your stay with a local family in yurts and see the everyday life of them.

Kol-Ukok Lake, translated as a “lake in a chest” jailoo and lake in the region, near Kochkor village.

Sarala-Saz jailoo is another alpine summer pasture for visit and horseback riding.

Chong-Tuz Salt mine site, the natural mineral salt deposit. From the Soviet times, it became a treatment center for lungs and asthma.

Altyn-Kol women handicraft cooperation can organize handicraft workshops and visit local artisans. The cozy shop of the cooperation sells the handicraft products from the first hand.

The animal market of Kochkor is popular among tourists and a must-go place for most of the locals every Saturday.

How to Get Around

Kochkor village situated in 200 km from Bishkek. The road takes 3-4 hours driving. Possible to catch a shared taxi from the western bus station. The price per person per seat costs 250-300 soms. We can help in organizing your transfers directly from the airport or hotel till the village in advance.

To reach Kochkor possible from the Balykchy town bus station (former Rybachie). The distance is 60 km, 50 minutes driving. The price of approximately 100-120 soms per person per seat.

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