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The transport system in Kyrgyzstan

The transport system in Kyrgyzstan is one of the best-developed ones. The movement in Kyrgyzstan is right-hand (steering wheel on the left).
The most suitable way to travel around the country is by bus, taxis, and taxis. You can ride them both in large cities and between cities. Often, this is the only way to get to the right place.
The bus fleet of Bishkek was updated in 2009 and today is represented by quite comfortable buses.
Taxis operate in all cities and towns of Kyrgyzstan. Tariffs are initially very low, it is recommended to call a corporate taxi, and not a private trader (more comfortable and safer).
By the wat road network is poorly developed, good asphalt roads go from Bishkek to Osh, Almaty, and Balykchy, and a good asphalt road and the road to Torugart in the direction of China are also laid around Issyk-Kul Lake. In winter, the movement is hampered by drifts on the passes. The roads are either broken asphalt or graveled or just unpaved roads. However, mountain roads are usually specially converted private trucks (crews) drive.
Many places can only be reached by helicopter, on horseback or on foot.


International airport “Manas” is located near the capital of Kyrgyzstan – Bishkek. Domestic flights to Osh, Batken, and Jalal-Abad are operated from Bishkek.
Main part of the country’s fleet is the old, leased Boeing-737 or remaining from the time of the USSR – airplanes.
Air Bishkek (
Air Kyrgyzstan (
Avia Traffic (
Sky Bishkek (


Passenger train message was kept only in the north of the country, near Bishkek. From there, there are three long-distance trains to Moscow, Ekaterinburg, and Novokuznetsk, and there is a suburban connection to the west, to Kazakhstan (in the direction of Merke, before traveling 3639 km), to the east (to Tokmak station) and a local train to Rybachye (Balykchy) on the lake Issyk-Kul.


Since there are very few navigable rivers in the country, only small private boats and boats are present. On the Issyk-Kul lake runs the ship.


As a rule, rental cars are provided without a driver. At the request of the tourist can rent a car with a driver.
To get a car for rent you will need the following documents:

  • foreigners need a passport and a document confirming the legality of their stay in the country;
  • International driver’s license.



Every week bus from Bishkek to Songkol and around Issyk-Kol

Trip to Song-Kol & Karakol every week

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You want to experience this special region of Kyrgyzstan. But what if you don’t have the time? We offer a week-long short trip to the most favorite destinations in the Song-Kol and Karakol regions at an affordable price.

With the Kyrgyz Tourism project “Trip to Song-Kol & Karakol Every Week,” you can combine all the must-visit places in the Song-Kol and Karakol region on a map and learn about transportation options from one place to another during your travel. Share your ideas, get advice from other travelers, and explore Kyrgyzstan.

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Itinerary: Bishkek – Burana Tower – Song-Kol Lake – Bokonbaevo – Karakol – Altyn-Arashan – Bishkek
Accommodation: Two overnights in the yurt camp, two overnights in guesthouses
Duration: 5 days
Best Season: June – August
Category: Combined Auto/Trek
Level of Difficulty: Easy to medium
Group Size: 4-16 people
Highlights: Burana, Song-Kol Lake, Barskoon, Jeti-Oguz, Canyon Skazka, Altyn-Arashan
Requirements: Weatherproof warm clothes, trekking boots, hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen
We will help you see the main highlights of Kyrgyzstan within a certain time and budget. Explore the route!

→ The tour will be activated if the minimum number of participants is at least four (4 people). If the number of participants does not reach 4 people, the tour will be canceled.

If you’re looking to travel from Bishkek to Osh, you can arrange for private transportation with us. The journey covers a road distance of approximately 700 kilometers and typically takes around 12-13 hours to complete, mainly due to the presence of mountain passes and valleys. Rest assured, we offer the services of skilled drivers and comfortable vehicles to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

The schedule is agreed and the total cost of the price for the minivan is $800 USD. The van has 6 seats and the price can be shared among the passengers.


Train Station

Telephone: (0312) 92-68-54, (0312) 30-02-09, (0312) 92-68-40, (0312) 30-06-18
Train schedule
Suburban passenger train on the route “Bishkek I – Kara-Balta” “Kara-Balta – Bishkek II”
This route will run two times a day.
Train No. 6059 “Bishkek I – Kara-Balta”, departure time from the station “Bishkek I” ( Pishpek ), local time at 08:13 a.m. and arrival at Kara-Balta station 09:49 a.m.
Train No. 6061 “Bishkek II – Kara-Balta”, departure time from the station “Bishkek II” local time at 12:59 p.m. and arrival at Kara-Balta station at 02:47 p.m.
From Kara-Balta station, train No.6060 Kara-Balta-Bishkek II, the departure time is 10:19 a.m. and the arrival time at Bishkek II station is 12:10 p.m.
Train No. 6062 Kara-Balta – Bishkek I, the departure time is the local time at 03:22 p.m., and the arrival time at the station “Bishkek I” ( Pishpek ) is 05:01 p.m.
Adult ticket: 26 soms
Children’s ticket: 9 som ( from 5 to 10 years)

In addition, the Bishkek-Merke, Merke Bishkek, and Bishkek- Tokmok, Tokmok -Bishkek trains run daily.
Train No. 6050 “Bishkek I – Tokmok ” time departed according to local time from the station “Bishkek I” ( Pishpek ) at 05:20 pm, the time of arrival at Tokmok station 07:37 p.m.
Train No. 6051 “ Tokmok – Bishkek I” time departed local time from the station “ Tokmok ” at 05:03 a.m. and the time of arrival at the station “Bishkek I” ( Pishpek ) is 07:20 a.m.
Adult ticket: 26 soms
Children’s ticket: 09 som ( from 5 to 10 years)

Train No. 6063 “Bishkek II – Merke” time departed according to local time from Bishkek II station at 05:31 p.m. and the time of arrival at the station “Merke” at 09:31 p.m.
Train No. 6064 “Merke – Bishkek II” time departed local time from the station “Merke” at 03:34 a.m. and the time of arrived at the station “Bishkek II” at 07:31 a.m.
Adult ticket: 57 soms
Children’s ticket: 26 soms ( from 5 to 10 years)

In the summer tourist season will run the tourist train “Bishkek – Balykchy”, “Balykchy – Bishkek”.
From 16 June to 30 July, on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and from 31 July to 31 August, daily.
Train No. 608 “Bishkek I – Balykchy” time departed according to local time from the station “Bishkek I” at 06:25 a.m. and the time of arrival at the station Balykchy is 11:20 a.m.
Train No. 609 “Balykchy – Bishkek I” the departure time local time from Rybachye station at 05:08 p.m. and the arrival time at Bishkek I station is 21 hours 58 minutes.
Adult ticket: 69 soms
Children’s ticket: 34 soms ( from 5 to 10 years)

Train Bishkek – Tashkent

Train route Tashkent – Bishkek – Balykchy – Bishkek – Tashkent will run every week on Thursdays from the capital of Uzbekistan (Tashkent) and arrive on Friday in Bishkek and then go to Balykchy , and Saturday back to Bishkek further to Tashkent . On Sunday it will arrive in Tashkent.
The train is designed for about 300 passengers, in its composition – 7 compartments, 3 economy-class and one car-restaurant. If there are more people willing to go on a trip, additional cars will be attached to it.
In the second-class carriage 2500 soms (35 USD) per person.
In compartment – 3378 soms (50 USD) per person.
In the luxury car – from 6432 soms (90 USD) per person.
In its final point – the town of Balykchy on the coast of Issyk-Kul – the composition comes in 24 hours. Not so fast, but comfortable and safe.

Bishkek West Bus Station

The state enterprise “ Bishkek Bus Station” takes orders for collective and tourist trips on comfortable buses to any locality of the Kyrgyz Republic and neighboring countries.

The cashier from 07:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. without a break
Help desk from 07:00 a.m. to 18: 30 p.m.
lunch break: 01:00 p.m. – 02:00 p.m.

Telephones :
0312 344696 Information Office
0312 344589 Dispatch
0312 344835 Cashier

How to get to the western bus station?

Bus № 7, 35 stop “Western Bus Station”
Trolleybus № 6 stop “Western Bus Station”
Marshrutka (Minibus) № 111, 11 4 , 129, 132, 21 4, 224, 275, 326, 327,
330, 344, 350, 358, 386, 908 stop “Western Bus Station”

Rules for using the services of the Bishkek West Bus Station

The Bishkek Bus Station is a transport infrastructure facility designed to provide services to passengers and carriers when carrying out regular passenger and baggage traffic.

Mode of operation of the Bishkek bus station around the clock.

Regular passenger and baggage transportation is carried out in accordance with the consolidated schedule located on the 1st floor of the bus station building.

Bishkek bus station includes the main building of the bus station and the technological area for transport and passengers.

The main bus station building houses:

– administration of the bus station;

– dispatch;

– the ticket office for ticket sales and payment of baggage;

– a waiting room for passengers (cash room);

– reference service;

– room of mother and child;

– luggage storage;

– office for pre-trip,

inter-flight medical examination of drivers;

– Cafe;

– kiosk,

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