National Park “Ala-Archa”

Exploring the Area

Ala-Archa Park is the best travel destination from Bishkek. One-day tailor-made tours are available on your request. Fresh air and divine nature.
Kyrgyz State National Park “Ala-Archa” with the territory of 20.000 hectares organized in 1976, and situated at 1600-4875 meters above sea level at the slopes of Kyrgyz Mountain Range, 40 km from Bishkek town.

Where to Stay

At the second gate of the Park, there is a Hotel. Possible to stay overnight there.
At 3400 m asl situated Rasek Mountain Hut, base camp for alpinist and mountaineers. All garbage collected and lifted down by organized groups. Special places for camping, cooking, and fireplaces.

Eating and Drinking

Eating out and drinking is possible at small local cafes and restaurants of the Hotel at the entrance of the second gate. We recommend buying food in Bishkek. At Mountain Hut possible to order food and drinks. At the territory near the second gates possible to rent the place for cooking and staying for the rest in the day time.

What to See and Do

There are 800 species of plants, 40 species of animals and 160 of birds. Started from 1951 this territory became the area of active mountaineer and alpinism. The territory with 150 itineraries of different levels on seasons. Nearly all trekking routes is marked and possible to trek individually, based on physical and timing conditions.

How to Get Around

The best way to explore Ala-Archa is organizing one day tours from Bishkek with transportation and guide services. Also possible to rent a car and self-drive or use city taxi services for transfer. Local minibus used by the villagers starts the way from Osh Bazaar till Kashka-Suu village, the nearest one. But from the village till the gates need for hitchhiking.

Ala-Archa National Park Entrance has 2 gates – one is an entrance with payment for the territory of the park, official gates, possible to drive by car till the second gates. The second gates have a big area for parking and special rest areas for fire, food, and camping. From the second gates started trekking trails at the territory of the park. No transportation.

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