Saimaluu-Tash, petroglyph.

Exploring the Area

Saimaluu-Tash is the largest collection of petroglyphs in Central Asia and one of the largest in the world, located on the eastern slope of the Ferghana Range in the Jalal-Abad region. This territory is a national park.
The complex is located at an altitude of more than 3000 meters. Translated from Kyrgyz, Saimaluu-Tash means “patterned stone”, which characterizes this place as well as possible. On the territory of the complex, which consists of alpine meadows spread in the depths of the gorge, and mighty basalt boulders, which are original canvases for images, there are more than 90,000 (!) Drawings from different historical eras. The oldest images on the stones of Saimaluu Tasha date back to the 3rd-1st millennia BC, and the latest are dated to the 1st-8th centuries AD. Here you can clearly see how from time to time the ways of drawing and the specifics of the images themselves have changed.
The theme of the drawings is very broad and reflects religious beliefs and ideas about the world among ancient people. Here you can find images of wild and domestic animals, birds and people, geometric symbols and signs, images of the faces of deities, as well as many indescribable drawings.
The complex is accessible to visitors only in the summer since most of the year petroglyphs lie under a layer of snow and are available for viewing only in July and August.
It was Saimaluu-Tash’s drawings that became one of the symbols of Kyrgyzstan. The patterns and motifs of petroglyphs are present in the design of the World Nomad Games, as well as are widely used in souvenir products, etc.

Where to Stay

The nearest large settlement is Kazarman town. There are many guesthouses and homestays offering accommodations and meals. The town is located 18-20 km from Saimaluu Tash and for the best explore the area we recommend having a tent camping in the wild to spend the one night in the mountain valley Saimaluu Tash.

How to Get Around.

Saimaluu-Tash is located in a remote mountainous area on the eastern slope of the Ferghana Range, south of the large village of Kazarman. In order to get to Saimaluu-Tash, you need to turn south along the road leading to Baetov (the turn is located 10 kilometers west of Kazarman) and get to the desired turn. Climbing to Saimaluu Tash by car is not possible and will take about a day on foot. You can also go there on horseback.


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