National Horse Games “Kok-Boru”

Date: July 30. 2023

Place: Chui region, Zhaiyl district, Kyzyl-Oi village, Suusamyr ayil

Organizing by; Mr. Artyk Kulubaev, tel; +996 312 464 785;+ 996 555 417 847; + 996 559 568 838 

Traditional equestrian games in Ulak-Tartysh, Kyz-Kuumai, Tyiyn-Enmei and Er-Enish. 

One of the most popular and well-known national horse games in Kyrgyzstan is Kok-Boru, which is also known as Buzkashi or Oglak Tartis. Kok-Boru is a traditional game that has been played by the Kyrgyz people for centuries and is considered an important part of their cultural heritage.

In Kok-Boru, two teams of horse riders compete to score points by carrying a dead goat or sheep carcass (known as a “buzkashi”) and throwing it into the opposing team’s goal area. The game is played on a large field, and each team tries to control the carcass and carry it to their goal while fending off the opposing team’s riders.

The game can be quite intense and physically demanding, as riders use their horses to block and tackle each other in an attempt to gain possession of the carcass. Despite its rough nature, Kok-Boru is also a very strategic game, and riders must work together and communicate effectively to succeed.

Kok-Boru is not just a sport but also a cultural tradition that is deeply ingrained in the Kyrgyz way of life. The game is often played at special events and festivals, and it serves as a way to celebrate the country’s nomadic heritage and strong equestrian culture.


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