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Our Story

Kyrgyz Tourism is a travel company providing tours in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia.

We began our venture into tourism 15 years ago. For over 10 years our work was devoted to Community Based Tourism in Kyrgyzstan. During this time, we have developed from local tour guides to reliable tourism professionals. Our experience and strong convictions give us an opportunity to make our tour products diverse, authentic and genuine experiences.

Growing up in the village, our days were full of joy and energy, our evenings spent listening to the colorful world of Grandma’s stories and tales. We understand our people, nature, culture and lifetimes.

We believe you will enjoy your stay in Kyrgyzstan experiencing our new, multi-active and fascinating tour-products, sharing our adventures.

Join us for an original and vivid experience!

Our Values

Over the centuries Kyrgyz people have kept true to their nomadic culture. It has rich life experience with honest values and understanding; keeping ancient beliefs, worshiping ancestors and nature. In these days of globalization, we need to keep the best of our cultural, historical heritage and share it.

We work with local tourism stakeholders at first hand which gives local communities an opportunity to benefit directly. We encourage long-lasting cooperation and sustainability.

Kyrgyz Tourism is a traditional Kyrgyz hospitality!

The miracles of nature and culture are waiting for you. Experience Kyrgyzstan with us and we will provide you with authentic Kyrgyz hospitality!

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