Marianne Carrière


“Kyrgyzstan is great country to discover! High mountains with endless trails to explore by foot or on a horseback. Nothing else than overwhelming nature and silence. At the end of the day you are invited to eat and sleep at a sheppard’s family in a traditional yurt. You will experience warm hospitality and get familiar with old traditions like eagle hunting and felt craftwork.

Kyrgyzstan is an unspoiled country. Native Kyrgyzstan is a new tourist agency that tries to keep it like that. The company may be new, but the owners Myrzabek Ozubekov and Aisha Mambetalieva are very experienced, they both worked a long time for Community Based Tourism (CBT). Their practical knowledge, their excellent network throughout the whole country and their clear view on the future of tourism in Kyrgyzstan makes them professional partners. They are developing tour products together with local people and take care of the environment. If you like to combine culture and sportive activities in your holiday, Native Kyrgyzstan can help you. If you travel with them you will not feel like a tourist but you will get the opportunity to be part of the local family life. They organize private tours for couples, friends or groups. Both Myrzabek as Aisha speak and write English very well, which makes it easy to communicate and plan your holiday. Discover this beautiful country, I can highly recommend it. 

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Antonio Castro


The friends of Native Kyrgyzstan have been very helpful during my journey in Kyrgyzstan. They have organised the visits to […]

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