COVID-19 and the way to “the new normality”

COVID-19 and the way to ” the new normality”

All over the world people struggling with COVID-19 and Kyrgyzstan challenging all its impact on tourism.

Official information about COVID-19 in Kyrgyzstan – cases, recommendations Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic 

According to the UNWTO statistics, Jan-Dec 2021 has an international tourism arrival of “-76%”. In Asia and the Pacific “-95%”. Taking into account that Kyrgyzstan tourism is seasonal, the decrease in the tourism sector is approximately about 80-90%.

More information here at UNWTO Tourism Data 

To #RestartTourism Government have an important role in accepting new politics and procedures, healthcare and protocols, open border, and accepting international flights.

During the COVID-19 and impact of pandemic our company working in consultancy and have a number of tourists during the summer season of 2021.

Kyrgyz Tourism delighter to collaborate with UNDP Aid for Trade project on the strengthening of Adventure tourism value chains. Project length is 2 years and targeted at oblasts of Naryn, Jalal-Abad, Osh, and Issyk-Kul.

On the framework of the project, we conduct practical courses on tourism for regional tour leaders.  The main modules are Management, Marketing, Tourism Basics, Digitals skills development, Couching, and English classes.

During the summer season of 2020 and 2021, we tested new tour products and new routes. We update the list of our service providers in the regions, create new collaboration and links, we try to keep going on. We create a slogan for the Covid period – “This is not a time for waiting, this is a time for development!” After the pandemic, we are ready for the new challenges and advancements in tourism!

Kyrgyz Tourism creates new adventure tour products, tests them, and opens up new unique destinations and services.

Aisha Mambetalieva,
January 2022

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