Silk-Road Tour: Kyrgyzstan & Uzbekistan

A journey through high mountains and old cities – explore Central Asia!

Central Asian Countries seem to be quite similar to each other. But the Silk Road Tour in two countries is a great chance to feel that there are, in fact, many differences and varieties. Each of the countries is a jewel of itself. Rich history and culture, traditions and specialties – united by the Silk Road, the Soviet-Era and true Central Asian Hospitality!


Kyrgyzstan is a very mountainous country (96% of its surface is covered by Mountains) with remote areas, broad views and quick weather changes in the mountain ranges. The roads, especially to some remote villages and hidden valleys are windy, dusty and adventurous. But nevertheless beautiful and worth a ride. Here you can experience the jailoos, the pastures where Kyrgyz shepherds tend their flocks in summer. Many stunning, sparkling mountain lakes like Lake Song-Kol at 3016 m above sea level are waiting. Surrounded on all sides by Mountains 3700 m high. Enjoy homemade jam, fresh cream, bread still warm from the oven, and the best kymyz (fermented mare’s milk) at a local shepherd´s family. As well as wild nature, blooming flowers, ancient rock paintings, and lively towns and cities. Wild Kyrgyzstan is a stunning adventure of nature and the old nomad´s culture.


The Republic of Uzbekistan occupies vast spaces in the very middle of Central Asia. Uzbekistan impresses with its natural contrasts and historical architecture. With high-water rivers, extraordinarily waterless spaces and ancient cities like the old Bukhara. Uzbek cuisine knows more than a thousand national dishes. The richness and ecological purity of local food are unique. Uzbekistan has warm winters and hot summers, therefore there will be an abundance of fruits and vegetables in the summer season that taste remarkably good. Uzbekistan with its ancient cities and stunning architecture is an impressive journey to a very old culture. Both, Kyrgyzstan ad Uzbekistan are waiting to be explored on the Silk-Road Tour!

Please contact us to book your tour. The tours start upon your request. The itineraries can be adjusted individually to fit into your schedule and provide you with the best experience. Furthermore, we are happy to create tailor-made tours according to your wishes.

  • Itinerary: Bishkek – Burana – ChongKemin- Karakol – Around IssykKul – SongKul – JalalAbad – Osh – Tashkent – Samarkhand – Bukhara – Khiva – Tashkent
  • Duration: 15 days
  • Best Season: May – October
  • Category: Culture tour by auto
  • Level of Difficulty: Medium
  • Group Size: 2-12 pax
  • Highlights: Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan sightseeings
  • Requirements: weatherproof warm clothes, trekking boots, hat, sunglasses, sleeping bag, and sunscreen.



Arrival at Manas airport. Pick up and transfer to Bishkek. Hotel accommodation. (Optional: city tour).

Bishkek to Chong-Kemin

Leave for Chong-Kemin Valley (approx. 3 hours drive). On the way, visit of the Burana Tower architectural complex (10-11th century, an important point on the Great Silk Road), 15 km from the main road. At lunchtime arrival in Chong Kemin, accommodation in the guest house “Ashu”. After lunch rafting tour on the river Chong-Kemin (class 2 & class 3). Dinner and overnight stay in the guest house Ashu.

Chong-Kemin to Karakol

Continue the drive to Karakol. On the way, we make a stop in Cholpon-Ata to visit an open-air petroglyph (rock painting) gallery (5km from Cholpon-Ata, heading to the mountains). Lunch at a café. Arrival at the Farm Hotel “Reina Kench” in the afternoon. Welcome by the local farmer, sightseeing around and wandering the nature life. Dinner and accommodation in the guest house. (4-5 hours driving with sightseeing stops on the way).

Karakol – Arashan – Karakol

On day 4 you travel to Altyn-Arashan mountain gorge. You will reach the place with a special off-road truck adopted for passengers (Ural). The road goes along the river Arashan and up the hills, you will get to the Arashan hot spring thermal bath valley. Enjoy the natural beauties and take lunch in the wild! In the afternoon you will hike down to Ak-Suu. The terrain is easy to hike and it takes about 4 hours, walking average speed. The vehicle will follow you behind for any case, to pick up the tired or because of sudden changes in the weather conditions. Tonights accomodation will be in a  Karakol Hotel. (2 hours off road advenuture and 4 hours hiking downhill).

Karakol to Bokonbaevo

After breakfast, you travel to the Bokonbay region, following the road on the south lakeshore of Yssuk-Kol lake. On the way visit of the Jeti-Ögüz Gorge (Seven Bulls) for 1 hour. Visit the Kök-Jaik area (Valley of Flowers), 2-3 hours. Picnic lunch en-route and driving on to the southern shore of Ysyk-Köl Lake (3-hour drive). Dinner and overnight stay at a guest house in the village. (3-4 hours driving with sightseeing stops on the way).

Bokonbay  to  SongKol

Having enjoyed breakfast you will be transferred to the mountain lake Song-Kol through Kochkor village. In the village, you can visit a local family for lunch and participate in a workshop to make the traditional handicraft felt carpets. After lunch we continue the journey to Song-Kol, crossing the pass Kalmak-Ashuu (3400m). Arrival at the northern lakeshore and being welcomed in the yurt camp. You will dine and sleep in the yurt camp. (3-4 hours driving, stop at Kochkor).

Song-Kol to Jalal-abad

Today you will be traveling from Song-Kol to the south part of Kyrgyzstan on the Kazarman road. It will be a long driving day via several mountain passes during which you can explore the different landscapes. Lunch stop on the way in Kazarman town. Arrival in Jalal-Abad in the late afternoon. Accommodation in the hotel, dinner at a local restaurant.  (5-6 hours driving, stop in Kazarman)

Jalal-Abad to Osh

After breakfast, the journey will continue to Osh city by car. It will take 2 hours to reach the second largest historical city in Kyrgyzstan. There will be time to do some sightseeing around, visiting markets and walking around Suleiman mountain. Accommodation in the Hotel. Meals at cafes. (2 hours driving).

Osh – Andijan – Tashkent

In the early morning at 07:30 am you will have breakfast and head via the border checkpoint Dosluk to Uzbekistan. The border cross-checking might take several hours (especially on weekends when it is crowded). After crossing the border you will be driven to Andijan bus station and change to the train to Tashkent. The train ride takes 5 hours. Arrival in Tashkent, accommodation in the hotel, meals at cafés. (2 hours driving and 4 hours train ride).


Today it is time for a city tour in Tashkent. You will visit the famous Tashkent bazaars and do some sightseeing around the modern city. Late afternoon you will travel by train to Samarkand. Arrival in Samarkhand, transfer to the hotel. Dinner will be at a local café.

Tashkent – Samarkand

You will be spending this day in Samarkand. The guided sightseeing tour will start in the city, visiting the amazing Registan Square, Gur Emir Mausoleum, Bibi Khanum Mosque, Siab Bazaar, Ulugbe Observatory. Lunch will be at a traditional family chaihana, the afternoon is free. Accommodation in the hotel.

Samarkand – Bukhara

In the morning you take the Afrosiyob Train (the Uzbek Highspeed-Train) to Bukhara. It will arrive in the City within less than 2 hours and you will continue the day with a guided sightseeing tour through the beautiful city of Bukhara. The locals compare the cities Samarkand and Bukhara with the beauty of girls. While they portray the more fancy and colorful Samarkand as a girl with make-up (the city is restored to a higher extent), Bukhara is compared with a naturally pretty, less modern seeming girl. Visit the whole historical sights: Sitorai Mokhi-Knosa (the summer residence of Bukhara’s last emir), mausoleums Bakhouddin Naqhbandi and Chor-Bakr Necropolis. Enjoy the city tale in oriental style. Dine and sleep in Bukhara hotels. (2 hours train ride, sightseeing in Bukhara).

Bukhara – Khiva

After a late breakfast and a good rest you will be traveling from Bukhara to Khiva by car. The ride will take 6-7 hours until you arrival in Khiva to take a rest at the hotel after spending the day watching the the landscapes passing by. Dinner will be at a local restaurant with folklore concert. (6-7 hours driving, dinner, and concert)

Khiva – Tashkent

In the morning you will get a guided sightseeing tour through the city of Khiva and visit the Word Heritage sites: Ichan – Qal´a Fortress (walled inner town), Kunya-Ark Citadel, Sayeed Alauddin Mausoleum, Arab Mukhamadkhan Madrasah, Oq-Masjid Mosque, Madrasah of Hodjan Berdi – Biya, Shirgazikhan Madrasah, Juma Mosque, Allakulikhan Madrashah, Tosh-Khovi Palace, Pakhlavan Makhmud Mausoleum, Minarte of Islom-Khoja.

Evening transfer to the Airport. You will take a domestic flight to Tashkent (1-hour flight). Arrival at Tashkent airport and transfer to the hotel. Dinner at a local restaurant. (1-hour domestic flight to Tashkent).


Transfer to the airport. Departure from Uzbekistan.


The tours start upon request, please contact us. The itineraries can be adjusted individually to fit into your schedule and provide you with the best experience. Furthermore, we are happy to create tailor-made tours according to your wishes.

After having solved all the questions and programs confirming we issue an invoice for payment. You can make a bank transfer or pay upon your arrival time in Bishkek before the trip starts.

The price of the tour depends on the number of people and the season. According to the request and interest, we can negotiate the optimal price for your budget.

Clothing for hiking in temperatures from +25C to -0C. A detailed kit list will be sent to you when you book on.

We offer hospitality local guest houses, homestays in the villages and hotels in the cities.


Kyrgyzstan has a free-visa entry for many countries. You can check out also in the state official website E-Visa Kyrgyzstan: – 

Uzbekistan is also practicing a free-visa for many countries.


The basic hints for travelers.

  • During your travel time, please respect local culture, customs, traditions, and religion.
  • Try to buy local products and make a benefit for the local economy.
  • Always give fair prices for lodging, food and other services.
  • Take off your shoes, when entering home or yurt stay.
  • Smoking is prohibited at home.
  • Please share your ideas on food and accommodation preferences.
  • Ask people for photographing them.
  • Be friendly and try to get in contact.
  • Be careful during the evening and night time and aware of mass meetings.
  • Be careful with your documents, money and valuable items.
  • Be aware of pickpockets and strangers at bazaars and streets.
  • If someone asking for documents, wallets or cameras, saying that they are from the police, ask them to go police together.
  • Never give your belongings to strangers.
  • Wear good hiking shoes for outdoor activities.
  • Bring warm waterproof clothes even in summer.
  • Have your torch sunscreen and repellent.
  • Do not drink very cold water from unknown sources.
  • Drinking alcohol at high altitudes is unsafe.
  • If the food fat or not acceptable for you can taste a bit and say thanks.
  • Do not drink cold water after eating out, better hot tea or c It helps in high altitude digestions cases.
  • Wear warm clothes in the mountains, usually after eating out.
  • Bring your medicines and first aid kit.
  • If you feel unsafe or have issues to discuss, please share with your staff, host or tour manager.
  • Collect your litter. Pack up all non-biodegradable rubbish.
  • Please don’t drop cigarette butts or litter.
  • High altitude vegetation is very fragile. Save the environment.
  • Use toilets in nature wherever available. Where are none, stay at least 40-50 m from streams and water sources and bury all waste and paper.
  • Leaving footprints, take just your photographs.

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