Aigul flower – endemic of Batken

Due to the different climate and geographical locations, Kyrgyzstan is famous for a wide range of flora and fauna species. But one unique flower is Aigul flower. Aigul (ai-moon, gul – flower) translated from Kyrgyz as “moonflower”. This flower is endemic and scripted at the Red Book of Kyrgyzstan in 1978. Every day used name is “Ryabchik Eduardo”. The Latin name is Fritillaria eduardii Regel.

Similar flowers grow up in some territories of Afghanistan and Tajikistan, but they differ by form, shapes and they are other types of Regels.

It is interesting that this flower grew up just at the one slope of the mountains, called Aigultash (“tash”-stone). This stone mountain situated 15-18 km from Batken town, a center of Batken Oblast. Every year in April, Aigul flower is blossoming, giving joy and beauty for the whole area. It says that who see Aigul flower would be happy. We believe in it because it blossoming just for 2 weeks. Every year a lot of people come to see the flower. Local people also have festivals and events on this occasion.

The height of the flower is about 80-90 sm, but some flowers can be higher. Local people says about flowers more than 150 sm.  Leaves of the flower growing from the bottom till the top of the stem. Pod of the flower is bell-shaped with more than ten orange petals.

According to the specialists, Aigul gives first buds after 7 years and each year growing bigger. Thus by the size and number of flowers possible to know how old is the flower. Interesting facts, that flower is not growing at the sunny slope and it flourishes in a full moon.

Local people interested in planting the flower dig it out, but it shows that they are not growing in other places so that Aigul is endemic. These days’ local schoolchildren and community members organized the Green Patrol to keep and save Aigul. In Oriental Medicine bulb of the flowers have curative properties for stomach aches.

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The legend about Aigul flower.

In the old days, there was a rich man. He had a beautiful daughter named Aigul. The girl was growing up and delighted with her talents and beauty. A lot of brave young men came to her. But she made a choice. That was local guy Kozu Ulan, known by his fearlessness and justice. Young people started preparations for the wedding ceremony. But Kozu Ulan had to join brave worriers to fight against the enemies. They won the war, but Kozu Ulan didn’t come back. He was buried at the foot of the high mountain. She got very sad, could not stand it and rushed from the neighbor mountain. Blood drops became beautiful flowers called Aigul. Inside of the flowers, there are always dews, people say they are tears of Aigul. The nearest mountain called Kozu-Ulan. Today both mountains and Aigul flowers are the symbols of true love.

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