Coronavirus Kyrgyzstan: Put people first – COVID-19

Staying home today means traveling tomorrow! Coronavirus in Kyrgyzstan making a challenge to everyone all over the world. Recently there are about 200 cases at the beginning of January 2022. The latest statistics are here.

Official page of the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic 

2022 – Kyrgyzstan is open for travelers. Entrance is available with Vaccine Certificate and 72-hours PCR test.

These years human being has a worldwide challenge with Coronavirus, a large family of viruses that cause serious illness. The symptoms of the illness are basic respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, in serious cases pneumonia, kidney failure, and even death. World Health Organization guidance on Covid-19

Coronavirus in Kyrgyzstan will end and we are waiting for you at our experience-based tours to deal with fatigue and anxiety. Join us tomorrow!

We strongly believe that new travelings and adventures waiting for us in the near future! Stay with us!


Archive info from 2020-2021
In 2021 for the data from December 24, there were total of 184.689 cases. Data from (see above for exact statistics)

In 2020 starting from March 22, the emergency situation regime was announced for one month. Kyrgyzstan’s Government expands the list of foreigners banned from entering the country.  Quarantine posts are set up and recommended for self and social isolation to protect from COVID. International Airport Manas closed and no flights were accepted recently.  Most of the social spaces, businesses, and communities are self-isolated to be protected from contagious viruses.

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