Osh Bazar-place to visit in Bishkek

Osh Bazar, Osh market is the most popular site to visit in Bishkek. The Bazar (or bazaar) is an original and authentic phenomenon for the Central Asian region. The bazar is not only a place of sale. This is a place for socialization and organization of local residents. And today, people are happy to come, bargain, communicate and find out the latest news in society.

There is a bazar in every village and city. “Bazar Kun” (Bazar Day) on Sunday as usual. Although in our time, the bazaar opens every day. The bazar was not previously divided according to interests. All sellers exhibited goods as they arrived or at certain same places that buyers knew. Such a bazar was called Jaima bazaar.

Now increasingly bazaars have become organized and divided into the food, clothing, and cattle (animal) market. Perhaps the most popular market in Bishkek is the Osh market.

Green Market

For the convenience of residents and guests of the capital, the market is divided by interests. Initially, the Osh market was a Green Bazar – a food market with fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Marble building with an arch at the entrance and is the main food market. Entering the arch, fresh bread, ready-made meat delicacies are sold on the right, there is also an indoor meat pavilion. Left rows with sweets, fresh and dried fruits, vegetables, nuts, and food. At a distance, they sell flour, sugar, oatmeal,  and other cereals in bales. White round balls that smell sour, this is kurut – dried sour cottage cheese. Used to make a national sour milk drink. In the next row, black small substances in bags and bottles – nasvay, a handmade tobacco product that is unhealthy, but because of cheapness and bad habits, people still use it. Ready-made salads, fresh bread, and fruits, everything can be bought at an affordable price.

Kiyal Market – Handicraft Market

Kiyal Market (“dream”) opposite the food market is located on a parallel street. They sell clothes, household goods, national products, and souvenirs. They sell national beddings-toshoks, trunk-sandyk, cradle-beshik, and various souvenirs there. The most popular souvenirs felt products – miniature yurts, figurines, and household items like slippers, hot coasters, seats, and so on.


The most important rule in the bazar – safeties. All pockets, bags should be zipped. Documents, extra money, and valuable things should leave in the safe of your hotel, or put in the back of the bag. As in all markets around the world, there are many pickpockets.

Please do not try suspicious foods and non-washed fruits and vegetables. It is better to buy and leisurely eat clean food upon arrival at your hotel.

If strangers will ask for documents or apply for the wrong questions, you can ask to go to the police office (POM – local Police branch). Inform the guide or travel agency office.

Be careful with elemental money exchange offices near the market. Better to exchange money, not in a hurry at banks near the market.

Each stay in Bishkek is highlighted by Osh Bazar’s visit. With great pleasure, we can accompany you to Osh Bazar and visit all those interesting corners together.

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