Kyrgyzstan nature

My country, the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, is a very ancient land. Most of it is occupied by mountains – the majestic Tien Shan and Pamir, the masters of heaven and earth, towering above the clouds. Nomads, free children of the mountains have lived here since ancient times. They left the carved runes on large stones – ancient writing, which was then lost. The bowels of the earth here are preserved gold and uranium, which in modern times people began to mine.


The Great Silk Road, along which traders in textiles and spices wandered, also left its mark in the history of Kyrgyzstan. And now the people of Kyrgyzstan are easy to climb. They are used to traveling, traveling on long trips to work, and still patiently waiting for loved ones to return home.

Our republic from the time of the Soviet Union has another name – Kyrgyzstan. Our population is small – less than six million people. Some American metropolis has a larger population. But among nature, a person always sees and notices another person, does not lose him.

Residents of Kyrgyzstan are excellent traders, livestock breeders. The harsh conditions of the mountains taught people to be hardy, to do their job wisely. Now the country’s economy is going through hard times. Our population is poor. But difficult times teach people not to shy away from any work, but also to fight for their rights, to protect the fruits of their labor, to seek a better fate.

And finally, I want to say again about the main asset of our country – nature. The fifth deepest lake in the world is in Kyrgyzstan. This pearl is Issyk-Kul. On the shores of the lake are wonderful places of recreation that attract tourists. Even during the Soviet Union, sanatoriums were built here, where you can improve your health after hard work. Another magical lake Merzbacher meets with icebergs on the water surface. The diversity of Kyrgyz nature amazes everyone who somehow penetrates its treasures

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