Kyrgyz Legend: Jety-Oguz Gorge Legend

Jety-Oguz Gorge legend retells us the story of formation of red mountain gorges called the Seven Bulls and the Broken Heart.

In the Jety-Oguz gorge, you can see unusual red rocks, reminiscent of seven bulls lying on the ground. Kyrgyz people have a legend about how they appeared.

… In ancient times, there were two warring rulers. One of them had a beautiful wife. The second ruler desired a beautiful woman and stole her from his rival. A bloody war broke out between the rulers. The husband of the beauty demanded the return of his beloved woman, otherwise, he would come and destroy the invader.

The evil khan began to think about what to do in order not to yield to the enemy. One of his relatives proposed a terrible plan. He said that a woman needs to be killed, and her body should be given to her husband because he did not say whether he wants to get his wife back dead or alive. The evil khan liked this plan. He organized seven-day festivities, killing one bull every day. When the seventh day came, the last bull was slaughtered, and the khan killed the woman with his own hands.

But evil deeds did not go unpunished, and the sword of justice was already carried over the evil ruler. At the moment when the blood of the murdered woman sprayed onto the rocks, hot streams of water poured into the valley, destroying the khan and his entourage. Since then, the gorge where the woman died is called Jety-Oguz – “Seven Bulls” … The right side of the red rock called “The broken heart” – with the shape of the heart with the vessels on it.

Jety-Oguz Gorge legend will be understandable after visiting the area.

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