Exploring the Area

Bishkek is the capital of the Kyrgyz Republic. Its political, economic and cultural center. The city located at Chuy region, at the slopes of the Kyrgyz Range, at about 700-900 meters above sea level, 25 km near to the Kazakh Border. From Bishkek to Almaty takes 250 km, 3 hours of driving. The total territory of the town is 127 km2, the territory with nearby villages and areas is about 200 km2.  The total population of the town is about 1,000,000 people.

First archeological signs dated from V-IV c. BC was found at the current territory of Bishkek town. Chui valley was an advantageous and favorable stop on the Great Silk Road. The ancient settlement of Djiul (VII-XII centuries) was located in the Northern part of the town, till our days’ people call it Kuznechnaya report – “forge fortress”, because of the densely populated area of handicrafts, artisans and merchants. In 1825 there was a settlement of Pishpek, organized by Madali Khan from Kokand Khanid. Two times Pishpek citadel attacked and destroyed by Russian troops. Later on, there was organized bazaar and settlement, In 1878 Pishpek became a town.

In 1924 here arrived Check and Slovak cooperative “Interghelpo”, they built up the town and Pishpek became the administrative center of Kyrgyz Autonomic Country. Town renamed into Frunze in 1926, named after Mikhail Vasilievich Frunze – revolutionary, soviet military and statesman, head of Red Army of the Soviets.  Frunze is the capital of the Kyrgyz Soviet Republic that started in 1936.  In 1991 after the Independence town was renamed to its historical name Bishkek.

Where to Stay

The city of Bishkek has plenty of hotels for different budgets, started from hostels for 10 USD till classic and modest 4-star level hotels. Most of the accommodation facilities are registered at and Airbnb. Also possible to find guesthouses and homestays.

What to See and Do

The city is popular with its famous marble city center with Ala-Too Square, the White House, State Historical Museum with Manas Hero Statue nearby. State Museum of Applied Arts with Kyrgyz Traditional handicraft examples and Frunze House Museum could be interesting for most of the travelers interested in history. Osh Bazaar another place to visit and open up the eastern bazaar traditions with colorful spicy rows, fresh fruits, and vegetables at the green bazaar and huge rows of handicraft items at the branch of Kiyal building. However, every guest of the city enjoys the cozy and chill park and green areas of Panfilov Park, Oak Park, boulevard of Erkindik and Molodaya Gvardiya.

On the outskirts of Bishkek of 40 km, Ala-Archa National Park would be a great day-trip to mountain slopes of Kyrgyz Range, with mixed forests and waterfall. Different routes for different levels of difficulty could be chosen.

Another option is to do a day trip on the horseback around the Bishkek mountains.  “Day horseback tour around Bishkek”

How to Get Around

International Manas Airport situated near Bishkek. It takes main international flights from Moscow, Almaty, Tashkent, Istanbul, and Dubai. Recently announced Open-Sky Policy would give an opportunity for better connections to Bishkek.

To reach Bishkek by Highway road is possible from Kazakhstan, China, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. Driving in Kyrgyzstan is the most popular transportation among towns and villages. Wide type of transport from shared taxies to scheduled buses possible to choose. Train connection possible from Russia via Kazakhstan and recently train connected country with Uzbekistan too.

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