Silk Road Adventure-KZ,KG,UZ

The Silk Road was a network of trade routes that connected the East and West, stretching from China to the Mediterranean Sea. It was used for centuries to transport goods such as silk, spices, and precious metals, as well as ideas, culture, and religion. The Silk Road played a crucial role in the economic, cultural, and political development of the regions through which it passed. Today, the term “Silk Road” is often used to refer to the economic belt that connects China with Europe through Central Asia, as well as the cultural exchange that continues to take place along the route. The UNESCO website provides more information about the historical and cultural significance of the Silk Road. Central Asia offers an adventurous journey along the Silk Road route, with warm hospitality, and rich cultural heritage to fully experience the Silk Road adventure.

Silk Road

  • Itinerary: Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan
  • Duration: 18 days
  • Best Season: April – September
  • Category:  Culture experience
  • Level of Difficulty: Medium
  • Group Size:  6-13 pax
  • Highlights: Lake Kolsay, Charyn Canyon, Issyk-Kol Lake, Son-Kol Lake, Osh, Bukhara, Samarkand, Tashkent
  • Requirements: weatherproof warm clothes, trekking boots, hat, sunglasses, gloves, and sunscreen



Arrival flight to Almaty, Kazakhstan, starting with an early check-in to a hotel, followed by a city tour visiting various landmarks such as the Ascending Cathedral of Verny city, Memorial to the 28 Guardians, Musical Instruments Museum, Green Bazaar, Republic Square, and the State Ethnographic Museum. Lunch is planned in a restaurant. After lunch, the group will be transferred to the Medeo high mountain complex. Walk and enjoy the mountain views and panoramic view of Almaty city. Return to Almaty. Dinner at the cafe. Hotel accommodation.

Transfer from Almaty to Saty, with a stop to visit the Castle Valley in the Charyn Canyons alongside the Charyn River. The Castle Valley is known for its geological history dating back to the Tertiary period, and it’s considered one of the most breathtaking sites in the area. After visiting the Castle Valley, the group will have lunch by the Charyn River. Upon arrival to Saty, the group will be accommodated and have dinner at a local guesthouse.

A day trip from Saty, starting with breakfast at the guesthouse. The group will then visit Lake Kolsay (lower) and hike to Upper Kolsay Lake 2. Lunch will be provided at the lakeshore. After the hike, the group will return to the village. Dinner will be followed by a bonfire gathering. Enjoy the cosy evening. Guesthouse accommodation.

A day trip from Saty, starting by visiting the Kaindy lake, known for its frozen spruces in the water, offering a magnificent view. Lunch will be provided on the way. After lunch, the group will transfer by road from Kegen to Karkyra, to the border of Kyrgyzstan. After crossing the border, the group will arrive in Kyrgyzstan and be accommodated in a guesthouse with dinner at Karakol town.

Travel from Karakol to Altyn-Arashan mountain gorge, which can be reached by a special off-road truck (Ural) adapted for passengers, which will take the group along the river Arashan and up the hills to reach the Arashan hot spring thermal bath valley. The group will enjoy nature, take lunch, and in the afternoon hike down to Ak-Suu, the terrain is relatively easy and it would take around 4 hours. The vehicle will always be behind the group in case of tiredness or sudden changes in weather conditions. The group will enjoy open-air hot springs at Ak-Suu and have dinner with local family.

After having breakfast in Karakol, the group will begin their journey by visiting the Jeti-Oguz Gorge (Seven Bulls) for 1 hour. This is followed by a visit to the Kok-Jayik area (Valley of Flowers) for 2-3 hours where one can enjoy the stunning views and nature. Along the way, a picnic lunch will be provided. After this, the group will drive to the southern shore of Issyk-Kol Lake, where there will be an opportunity to see an Eagle Hunting show. After the show, the group will take a road on the south lake shore of Issyk-Kol Lake and head to Bokonbaevo village. They will have dinner and spend the night at a guesthouse in the village.

Take a  journey to Kyzart village in the Naryn region. The group will start their day with breakfast and then travel to Kyzart village. Lunch will be provided upon arrival at the village. After lunch, the group will take horses and ride to a yurt camp in Kilemche. The group have dinner there and spend the night in the yurt.

After breakfast at Kilemche start the trip.  The morning will be spent climbing to Jalgyz Karagai pass (3400 m) over the Song-Kol Mountains and into the lake’s basin. The climb offers beautiful views of Kilemche Jailoo and the pass itself is rocky and exciting. As you hike down the slopes, Song-Kol Lake will get larger and larger and the mountains on the other side will get higher and higher. After lunch at Jaman Echki, the group will follow the lakeshore west to the yurt at Tuz-Ashuu. Upon arrival, they will meet their host family, Kyrgyz shepherds, and will have meals and an overnight stay in a yurt of shepherds.

After breakfast horses and ride back to Kyzart village via Tuz-Ashuu pass. Arrive at Kyzart Pass where the Mini Bus will be waiting for you and bring you to the village of Kyzart for lunch. After having a rest and a good lunch transfer to Kyzyl-Oi village. Accommodation in the guesthouse with dinner.

Travel for the southern part of the country. Today will be a long driving day through the mountain and Suusamyr Valley to the village of Arslanbob. Overnight in the homestay

Late Breakfast. Walking in the biggest walnut forest. Visit the waterfall and panorama views of the area. Lunch. Afternoon transfer to Osh. Visit Osh Bazaar, Sulaiman mountain. Dinner at a local café. Dinner and accommodation at the hotel.

Morning in Osh. After breakfast drive to the Dostuk border crossing. Cross the border into Uzbekistan, and after finishing the formalities meet your Uzbekistan guide and driver. Transfer to Andijan for a short stop in the local market and then have lunch. After lunch takes the train to Tashkent. The fastest train from Andijan to Tashkent

Meet your guide to start sightseeing in the capital of Uzbekistan, the biggest city in Central Asia. Visit the Old City part of Tashkent with the Khast-Imom Complex where the world-famous Quran of Caliph Uthman–Ottoman has been preserved. In Khast-Imom visit the Madrasah of Barak-Khan, Tilla Sheikh Mosque, the Mausoleum of the Saint Abu Bakr Kaffal Shashi, and the Islamic Institute of Imam al-Bukhari. Explore Chor-Su Bazaar. Then take a ride on the Tashkent Metro to the city center with Amir Temur Square, Independence Square, and Applied Arts Museum. Overnight at the hotel. In the evening, take the high-speed train to Bukhara.  Upon arrival in Bukhara transfer to the hotel.

Full-day tour of Bukhara. Explore the fascinating Old Bukhara which is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Explore Kalyan Minaret, Kalyan Mosque and Miri-Arab Madrasah, Magoki-Attori Mosque, madrasahs of Ulugbek and Abdulazizkhan, trade domes, Lyabi Hauz Ensemble, Chor-Minor Madrasah.

Start the second day in Bukhara discovering the Ark Fortress, Bolo-Khauz Mosque, Samani dynasty, and Chashma-Ayub mausoleums. Then visit Sitorai-Mokhikhosa – the summer residence of Bukhara’s last emir, a unique site combining Oriental and Russian architecture. Continue to the Mausoleum of Bakhoutdin Naqshbandi. Enjoy free time in the afternoon. In the evening take an express train to Samarkand. Upon arrival in Samarkand transfer to the hotel and start sightseeing.

Full-day tour of Samarkand. Visit spectacular Registan Square, remains of Bibi Khanum Mosque, Siyob Bazaar, Ulugbek Observatory, Shakhi-Zinda Necropolis, and Gur Emir Mausoleum – authentic shrine of Tamerlane. Overnight at the hotel.

Continue sightseeing: visit the Afrosiab Museum and the Tomb of Saint Daniel. Then drive to Koni Ghil village to explore the traditional way of making Samarkand paper from mulberry. Enjoy free time with a car and driver at your disposal after the sightseeing tour. This evening drive to the station to catch the high-speed train back to the capital – Tashkent.

Transfer to the airport for the flight.

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