Kyrgyz Legend: Sulaiman-Too Mountain legend

Sulaiman-Too Mountain legend retells the story of the UNESCO World Heritage List site.

Young and handsome was Sulaiman. And he was endowed with the gift of providence. For this, he was known as a prophet, and his name became sacred. In everything, it was as if Suleiman was sedate. But he had one passion that he could not suppress in himself – a passion for good horses and a fast jump. In the stable, there were 500 of the best horses.
Once the leap so captivated him that he did not even pray and missed the prayer. Suleiman was afraid of God’s wrath and, in order to earn forgiveness for his sin and appease the Most High, he ordered to cut all the horses.
God liked such a sacrifice, and he decided to award Suleiman. He gave him a huge throne, which could be raised only by 500 genies (fantastic creatures, spirits).

The genies raised the throne and, on the order of Suleiman, lowered it just in the place where the first man, Adam, with his omach (wooden plow) once drew the border for arable land on the site of the current city of Osh.
The genies raised the throne and, on the order of Suleiman, lowered it to the top of the mountain. Sitting on a throne at the top of the mountain, Suleiman admired the green plain that lay at the foot of the mountain and enjoyed the amazingly clean, fragrant air. But this was not enough for Suleiman. He wanted the river to flow at the foot of the mountain, where he sat on the throne, and that it beat against stones, rumble, and foam.
Beyond the mountains was a large lake. And he ordered Suleiman to his gins to turn the mountain and let the water run.
Gene earned. Lumps of chippings they split and scattered across the plain. Finally, a gorge formed, and the water, noisily striking the scattered stones, flowed along the green plain past the mountain on which Suleiman sitting on his throne.
That is why that mountain is called Takhti-Suleiman – the throne of Suleiman, and the foamy river was called Ak-Buura.

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