Kyrgyzstan people

Kyrgyzstan people are the wealth of the country. All countries are different in geographical, political, and economic, but the most important difference is the uniqueness of people living in the same territory.

Kyrgyzstan, a country with a rich centuries-old history that dates back thousands of years. The history and culture of the population living in the country now represents modern Kyrgyzstan.

The Great Silk Road has great political, economic, and cultural-social significance for the development of Kyrgyzstan. The international trade route influenced the development of settled agriculture, where mainly nomadic cattle breeding was located. Kyrgyz are tolerant, even in the Middle Ages religion was free, many nationalities and cultures coexisted. Subsequent urbanization, joining the USSR, gaining independence – these are only one of the important milestones in the history of the country. In 1989, according to the census, 52% were Kyrgyz, 21% Russians, 13% Ukrainians, 2% Germans, etc. (Now it is a bit changed) Historically, the territory of modern Kyrgyzstan was inhabited by many ethnic groups, all of them lived in good neighborliness. Now more than 80 nationalities live in Kyrgyzstan, the Assembly of the Peoples of Kyrgyzstan has been created. It was about theory, but in practice, it is the life of ordinary Kyrgyzstan people.

Many guests ask, “Why are there many Russians?”, “Why do you look like Mongols, believe in Islam, but speak Russian,” “Why are you a Muslim country, but there are no strict Sharia rules?” This is sometimes really difficult to answer. All this, as we have said, has evolved over the centuries, and this is probably the uniqueness of our country. Neighbors and friends congratulate each other on religious holidays and treat each other with understanding. Tolerance and understanding are the basis of living together for so many years. Perhaps this is an echo of the Soviet past of the country. But it is clear that tolerance and good neighborliness in the blood of our people. This is evidenced by proverbs, sayings and customs of friendship and good neighborliness, as ancient keepers of information. “Alysky tuugandan, jakynsky koshuna” – “Better are good neighbors than distant relatives”, “Eki jakshy kas bolboit, eki jaman dos bolboit” – “Two good people are not enemies, two bad people are not friends”, “Jamanda dostuk jok, jakshyda castyk jock “-” The bad have no friends the good have no enemies”.

Today, every Kyrgyz citizen benefits his homeland. Someone with their knowledge, someone with their experience. It is clear that friendship, work, and faith in a brighter future will bring prosperity to our country.

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